Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Questions Auto Dealers Should Answer

Car buying is not an easy task to do, especially if you are looking for a used car. Thus, there are certain questions, you as a used car buyer, should ask the dealer. And accordingly, there are certain questions auto dealers should answer.
Following are the main questions that the dealers are obliged to give answers to:
1. What is the history of the vehicle?
The used car dealer is obligated by the law to disclose all known facts about the vehicle's history. If the vehicle's odometer is rolled back or the vehicle is previously flooded or salvaged, then the dealer must inform the used car buyer about it, otherwise he/she may have to face the law for misrepresenting vehicle.
2. Can I get the VIN?
Knowing the VIN of the car will give you the chance to examine the car's history by yourself. You can enter the Vehicle Identification Number in such websites as, for example, Autocheck or CarFax and get all the needed information for just a little sum of money.
3. Who certified the vehicle?
Used cars that are sold at renowned dealerships usually undergo different vehicle certification programs. During these programs, certain car parts are being examined by skilled mechanics and if there happen to be some faults with the cars, those faults are fixed and the problematic parts are replaced. However, the bad news is that there is no set criteria for vehicle certifications and different manufacturers certify vehicles in a different way. The auto dealer though is required to disclose all known facts about the used car certification process to the potential buyers.
4. How long of a test drive can I have?
All of us know that a test drive is a necessary part in a car purchase. Test drives do not last long, but if you are dealing with a used vehicle, then it may be easier for you to persuade the dealer to let you take the car for a good while. The dealer may allow you to take the vehicle for a longer test drive provided that you do not put more than 100 miles on it. Also, make sure you bring the car back with a full tank in case you have taken it with a full tank.
5. Will you provide me with a warranty?
New vehicles come with original manufacturer warranties. Used vehicles that are sold at high-ranking auto dealerships also come with some kind of a warranty or a service contract. Thus, make sure that the dealer sells the vehicle with a warranty and not "as is."


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