Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to speak firmly and effectively online

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the engine of our economy and many businesses to promote and sell products and services online, webinars, seminars, conferences customer phone calls, video and seminar restored. Listeners and buyers often do not realize. Voice your customers want to hear the voice that sounded safe, attractive, clear and passionate, motivating and inspiring. A voice that was quiet, comfortable.
Personally, I think that everything that we sell all the time, and some people are not aware of this and take the talk as an art. "All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have to go out and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts," Shakespeare, "As You Like It"
Many of my clients, who are experts in a particular field, I'd say they just report information. What you need to know is that they also have a purpose or intention in mind, we admit it or not. At least, they want the listener to understand the information, and it should be loud enough to be heard, to speak clearly and with good speed 150 words per minute. After that, they want listeners to understand their specific meaning or interpretation of information.
It is said that if 100 players say the same line, each reading will be different, because each actor brings his life experience, and understanding of their own personal feelings line readings. Actor serious about communicating their interests, because he wanted to work.

How to communicate your vision?

Visual communication can be considered as the ideal expression represent or reflect the organization's values ​​are shared collectively. Many studies have shown that these leaders are eager to promote and communicate your vision tend to create a positive impact on employee performance, attitude and perception.
Specific basic components should be included to effectively communicate the vision. These are:

See charismatic style, strong communication, lively and confident;
Measures to support the implementation of the vision, serving as role models;
Intellectually stimulating employees and boost their confidence, while continuing to promote the vision.
A brief but pithy openly express the values ​​of leadership and energy. In this way, see the contents clearly communicate through some mental images generated opportunities than the existing reality.
When you communicate your vision, leaders must focus on strategic focus and detail your response to these changes. These include reflect the expected level of control over the vision of these changes and their relationship with employees' interests as well as a combination of needs and assets in the joint venture and cooperation.
Describing the vision in terms of mission, values ​​and objectives
Effectively communicate leadership vision must integrate mission, strategy, values ​​and objectives of the organization. Leaders must communicate their vision to combine all these elements and put them in a visual context that serves to guide future action. Communicate the vision to promote the establishment of specific objectives related to duties, which in turn influence and affect performance.

Business phone system options

Business Phone Systems are an investment in the creation of a complete telephone system for small offices. Corporate communication is the key to success and thus, it is very important to follow the latest trends and technology. For example, voice IP phone companies can save a lot of money in the community from time to time. Now that the IP telephony system based on proven to be more reliable communication, it makes sense for small businesses to use these tools effectively. In addition, the current telephone systems for small office equipment has improved, which is important for both function and send the right message. You want your office to look professional activities because customers usually make the first impression of their services when in his office in the sense that they receive. As his personal appearance, his office has a professional look to project the right image for you and your business. Appropriate technology and up-to-date may have the image you need while offering the latest technology to ensure that telecommunications are from time to time.
There are several options to choose from, including traditional PBX and key systems, Nortel, and 3Com ShorTel. Reliability traditional private branch exchange offer and scalable. It is a comprehensive platform for data confidence, which is a fully featured and designed to meet the voice communication needs of every promise. These messages offer advanced, integrated contact centers and equipment. For years, Nortel has been a staple in terms of reliability and efficiency for small business is a great solution because it is a cost effective solution for small businesses. These solutions typically combine voice, data and business applications in a unified platform. ShorTel offers unmatched scalability and management, user interface really set the standard for today's market. It is the ideal solution, because it was built without a single point of failure. It is an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes, and can be implemented smoothly scale from 1 to 10,000 users, including all characteristics. Equipment and features of this phone is unsurpassed, elegant and stylish without overbearing.
It is very important to go with a solution that provides technical support and service options to solve customer problems. Quality of service in this area is a part of the service you are buying and to ensure that there is no interruption in service or down-time, it is important that the plan is in the space for your needs. Often, a technician can be dispatched to perform repairs on site or online customer service is provided on the basis of four 27 must be in place to provide support. In today's market network downtime can cost the company a lot of money. You want to make sure you use a stable product with high reliability and limited requirements for services. When choosing a solution that you need to work with a company that understands the needs of your small business and maximize services and technology to meet the budget you have your business phone system.