Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brand Ambassador

Via @MeganBlake: Nice parking job Metro work truck! Not cool. @wmata

So Metro launched yet another, very expensive looking marketing campaign called "Momentum."  Metro won't say what it cost.

The agency is fast becoming a PR firm pushing the idea of transit rather than actually moving people around in an efficient, safe and economical way. It's like they're in campaign mode full-time now.

But thanks to brand ambassadors like the one above, and all of the other Metro high-jinx, none of this incessant campaigning will work. Nor should it ever be needed.

When will Metro learn that good service, a safe ride and polite employees are all the marketing it needs?

Until Metro is accountable from the top to the bottom, I don't think much will change.

As a marketing footnote, Metro was heroic in accepting money from Living Social to stay open for possible late-night, post Nationals game service. I don't think I've ever seen any organization try to glom onto another's good deed quite like Metro did.

Fallacy of the False Choice

So WMATA paid $200,000 for a """"study,"""" the crux of which was to imagine what the DC area would be like if there wasn't a Metro!

Predictably, since this was done as a PR stunt by those ridiculously overcompensated PR peeps (all Sarles' cronies) who want more money for Metro, the conclusion was, of course, that the DC area would be a traffic hell hole (unlike now) and that huge swaths of downtown would be grim, paved parking lots--if Metro never existed.

Big if.

There are lots of opinions about how much mass transit should be funded, but Metro doesn't help the discussion be presenting a false choice like this. It's a pointless, counterfactual exercise. It's the Drake equation of mass transit, full of unprovable conjecture, aka BS.


Because there is a Metro (sort of), and even you folks along the Red Line have half a Metro half the time.

What I want to see is an independent study on what the region would be like if the existing Metro was better and worked like a real, live grown up mass transit system. Or, on the downer side, how much Metro's sucking retards the normal benefits one would associate with robust, functional mass transit.

Metro's doomsday "argument" is the same kind of thinking one finds in the "you're either with us, or you're against us" proposition. It's terrible, nonconstructive, black-or-white thinking with the added bonus of a not-so-veiled threat.

There is an argument for transit, but this is not how you make it.

Sadly, the PR stunt seems to have worked on some and here. Sure, they caveat their articles to a degree, but they basically repeat Metro's ridiculous, random, plucked-from-a-nightmare scenario, which is designed to propel this sort of insidious meme (repeated by many on twitter):
or this
It's like Metro is a surly, abusive husband in a spaghetti stained tank top slouching in the glow of a TV set in some dingy apartment drinking too much beer and telling his downtrodden wife how lucky she is to have him.

Hey Metro, try a little charm for crying out loud.

Instead of telling us how much it would suck in a completely made up "without you" scenario, try to step up the service you ostensibly already provide because right now, it sorta sucks to be with you.

Footnote: Why is only the executive summary available to the public? We paid for the whole thing!

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A good report on how WMATA governance should change

Grasping new initiatives

InterGaming speaks to DJ Smith, managing director of New World Gaming, who, in his 30 years in the gaming industry, has built an extraordinarily rich portfolio of experience in casino operations, new casino development, technical compliance consulting, project management and new product development.

DJ Smith
“The biggest challenge facing traditional casino operators and investors in jurisdictions affected by the credit crunch,” explains DJ Smith of New World Gaming, “is the need to meet the demands of a reduced market populated by those who are demanding more value for their money.”

Describing one recent trend in both the retail and casino sectors as a “flight to quality”, particularly in the UK, Smith suggests that premium quality establishments are showing significant growth.
“For the others the challenge is to find the necessary funds and retain and motivate the necessary talent to meet customers’ new and growing levels of expectation.”

New World Gaming, which was founded by Jake Waller in 2008, “fills a niche” in the gaming consulting market between the large and more traditional consulting firms and the many individuals who provide consulting services. Smith joined NWG in the role of managing director in 2009 and was joined afterwards by associates Martin Watson, David Mills and most recently Steve Karoul.

“Our flexible structure and the mix of overlapping capabilities among us allows us to respond very quickly to our clients’ needs and to deliver personalised service that is backed by the promise of continuity of business,” says Smith. The company’s areas of expertise include management consulting, as well as management, development and investment services.

“There are several ways in which we can help to overcome today’s challenges, one of which is a hard hitting five-day marketing review programme,” he continues. “We also introduce systems to optimise customer service by aligning staff with traffic flow, systems to enable flexible scheduling and accurate payroll management and systems to measure footfall conversion rates.”

10 best cars for new drivers

Face it think girls guys different cars (with exceptions of course) and I thought the same for mothers and fathers. The list of things to consider, and priority in the list will be different. Mix together and you get a super-hard, a lot of points in the final list of the first car. This article may not be appropriate for all parents who are trying to have a new car to get for their children. However, you can read and used versions of the car in front or below. Today you get a lot of car brands competing for everything under the sun that will fit in a car and your budget at the same time.
Choose the best car
The best car for a beginner tends. A long list of accessories and safety features than most other cars Here's what you before you set foot in the car stop or need a car.

Center of gravityMore of the car, the higher the center of gravity on the road. This causes the car to roll prone slopes and go faster than those with a lower one. He leans on the misconception that if you buy a big car, the chances of injury are reduced. What happens is that even if you do not hurt the chances of an accident increases. It is not uncommon for beginners, forget the hand brake by the title.
Safety FeaturesThis is the first thing that comes to parents and beginners security conscious mind. They will be looking for things like anti-lock brakes, advanced front airbags in several stages, side and head curtain airbags and electronic stability control.
PriceEverything you try, you know, the budget always that safety always, before buying money. It would be the end of the day, it is cheaper to buy a car safer than a cheaper car. As relates to the overall budget cars are down around or below $ 20,000, which is not really affordable for the parents, when it comes to their children. That's why you can scroll through the list to get an idea of ​​what the used car market should buy.
StyleDo not worry, most of these cars will find buyers because of their appearance, they are strong or extravagant.
AccelerateStill, do not let your muscles use to drive child for the first time, you need to pay attention to the acceleration of the car. There is nothing comparable for driving too slowly caught. You also need a car that can be easily combined on the streets.
Fuel EfficiencyA major concern in the long term. This is another factor to stay away from big cars, because not only sparingly.
List of the 10 Best Cars
Taking into account all these factors into account, we obtain the following list of the 10 best cars that are safe, look good and do the trick.
Kia Soul 2011This is the lowest fuel consumption wheeled box today. The car has 142 hp from its 4-cylinder engine, has great maneuverability and stylish comes with a price tag of $ 16,190.
2009 Toyota RAV4This car is old to meet Toyota solution for size and fuel consumption in a car. Go, like SUV, the RAV4 is smaller than most. But what it lacks in size it makes up for the energy efficiency, security and control and manages to spit out the extra legroom. It comes with the price of $ 18,666 and distributor offers 27mpg on the highway.
2009 Honda CivicIs one of the best values ​​for money cars, the Honda Civic is an enjoyable car to drive. The only place in the Civic success is its convenience, it takes a little time to get used to it. You do not have traction control on the lower levels of the surface either, so you have to pay a little more to get the best features. The Civic has excellent maneuverability and has a list price of $ 17,863.
Chevrolet MalibuThe upper end of the Chevy Malibu LTZ comes with a 6-speed gearbox and a choice between a V6 2.4-liter 4-cylinder ECOTEC and a 3.6-liter. If you are a beginner, stick to the save ECOTEC, fuel and not risking control over your car. The only reason that this car will not be a good buy for beginners, the 6-speed manual transmission and a paddle shifter to change the automatic and manual transmission. LT automatic is the best option that comes at a price of $ 13,754 distributors.
Kia ForteIn the fiscal year before, the Kia Forte cost reduction especially. So much so that it may be a little sore. The average price you pay for the car starts at $ 15,000. The car has all the safety features, fuel economy and a decent space and comfort. But you can find inside a little too cheap. The fact that the car is loud on rough roads can be a statement. But if you are restrictions on the amount that can dish out, Forte is right, even just a little more than if you drive right.
Subaru OutbackIf money is not an issue for you and you just want an SUV or full-size pickup, the Outback is the car for you. It's a bit expensive and has a low fuel consumption, but makes up for everything, and security management. The car can be driven on a road without any compromise. The disadvantages of the car are its price (they are very expensive as trim levels go higher) and a direction a little difficult.
Ford FiestaOne of the best ways to buy a new car as a beginner. It has all the standard safety features, comfort to a high degree, the optimal control of the team, all for a starting price of $ 13,000. Leather upholstery and heated seats make you think the price is. However, the Fiesta is very comfortable, practical and good looking car.
2011 Honda FitA small car with a big bunker, the Honda Fit the most practical car on the market. It has a high energy efficiency (27/33mpg) and excellent maneuverability. The starting price of the Fit is $ 16,260. The car is fun to drive, looks great and is very fast and is always under control.
2012 Chevrolet SonicIf you remember the Chevrolet Aveo, like it's nothing. Sonic is much, much better. Sonic offers everything you expect from a small Chevrolet, at a starting price of $ 10,000 everything - $ 13,000. Yes, there are many luxury accessories in the car, but the Sonic more than offset that. With his brilliant performance and stylish appearance Sonic offers high efficiency with a small car.
Toyota PriusThis is one of those cars that will eventually buy a smart for the long term has become. If your child is aware of his / her carbon footprint, then you probably want to get a Prius. Although the 2008-model has a base price of $ 21,000, with a consumption of 48/45 city / highway and near zero emissions, it is certainly an option to consider.
All cars mentioned quite capable of delivering the goods. There are more ways than you can spend, but if you're willing to spend on a new car for teen your are, it's likely to be one of them. To make your choice and go for a test.

Like flying cars

Were invented over a hundred years from the time the aircraft, the people who worked on the invention of a "flying car." It is only now, when science and technology are reaching new heights, the dreams of the common man, a personal aircraft have plausible. One of the biggest events of this new reality is the seal of approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the series production of the vehicle air Terrafugia Transition personally. Therefore, to know exactly how this vehicle air staff at work, let's start with the basics.

Basics of flying cars
A flying car, as the name implies, is a vehicle that can fly through the air and used on the roads. I mean, obviously, you need the basic functions of a plan (such as propellers) and a car (such as road tires). It should be easy enough. In the air and strong enough to fly to move on the road As a flying car would end up in a position to go and you should be able to take the impact on the way and then move continuously without problems. It should work with additional safety features before they are released for public use installed.

Modern laboratory flying cars

Although frequently used "flying cars" and "street configuration aircraft" as synonyms, a small difference (which is easy to find) have. Flying cars are vehicles adapted to control aircraft while the aircraft is suitable configuration for road use on the road. Inventor of the first flying car has worked more on the adaptation of a car flying in the air as recent inventions of flying cars have been in the adaptation of an aircraft for paved roads.

Whatever the case, should a modern personal aircraft have the following properties changed (all described on basic concepts related):

These motors have to be strong enough to lift the vehicle in the air and at the same time to be able to deliver a controlled energy so as to move the vehicle on the road. The flying car is an additional engine when an engine failure in flight.

Aircraft Propeller
Since the vehicle is stolen, is a clear need to find propeller (blades and wings) on all devices. But how are you do not need wings (obviously) on the road, they must be easily removable or folding.

Land at your flying car on the ground, they must be presented with the main elements in the cockpit of a vertical level. It should be able to take the effects of the road and to be able to maintain the balance can be used on the road.

Needless to say, a flying car to be easy, but proper grounding have mobility. While on the road, a vehicle is more likely to be damaged, but light damage in an aircraft may be dangerous. Thus, the material used in a flying car to both lightweight and strong.

Road vehicle greater flexibility than airplanes. An aircraft must be a better aerodynamic design for flight. The conclusion? A flying car should be small enough to fit on the road, and large enough to fly. Requirements increase as the personal air vehicle should be parked in a garage at home!

When the oil crisis of the 90s would not have occurred, Ford Motors sold the first flying car (Aerocar Fulton) at this time. The point here is that the rise in fuel prices and reduced availability of fuel, a flying car that will be on green fuel, performed safely and inexpensively, for better success in the market.

Safety Features
The reason why manufacturers have invested heavily in trying to offer low-cost private jet has probably something to do with safety issues related to flight. Aircraft accidents Traffic accidents are more dangerous and deadly. So, if the inventor of a flying car is the mass market, it is safe. To do this, they need security features such as cages, airbags, parachutes and / or crumple zones, etc. (yes, still see the weight of his flying car!) Belong On a personal air vehicle.

Theft Assistance
Be a drivers. Not a part of each cake If this is the case, the drop-out rate of the pilot training in the U.S. is 50%. In addition, the high standards that want to produce from the FAA for each pilot's license and a major problem for companies that set personal aircraft. One way to avoid this is to make the vehicle completely controlled by computer. Then the owner needs in the code or destination address in a GPS put (or something similar) and personal air vehicle automatically to fly to your destination. Apart helps the air and controlling the airport also fly necessary for vehicles.

Since all the conditions for the implementation of a functional flying car sounds complicated and difficult, but not impossible. For those who still think that flying cars are a rage today, here is an idea: Horace Rackham (Henry Ford lawyer) was informed by the president of the Michigan Savings Bank, "The horse is here to stay, but the car is only a novelty, "a fad, to $ 5,000 if he wanted to invest in 'car company in 1901. As the "mood" more than $ 12 million by Horace history. the world, in all likelihood, will be flying cars in the air before the end of this decade.