Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to speak firmly and effectively online

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the engine of our economy and many businesses to promote and sell products and services online, webinars, seminars, conferences customer phone calls, video and seminar restored. Listeners and buyers often do not realize. Voice your customers want to hear the voice that sounded safe, attractive, clear and passionate, motivating and inspiring. A voice that was quiet, comfortable.
Personally, I think that everything that we sell all the time, and some people are not aware of this and take the talk as an art. "All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have to go out and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts," Shakespeare, "As You Like It"
Many of my clients, who are experts in a particular field, I'd say they just report information. What you need to know is that they also have a purpose or intention in mind, we admit it or not. At least, they want the listener to understand the information, and it should be loud enough to be heard, to speak clearly and with good speed 150 words per minute. After that, they want listeners to understand their specific meaning or interpretation of information.
It is said that if 100 players say the same line, each reading will be different, because each actor brings his life experience, and understanding of their own personal feelings line readings. Actor serious about communicating their interests, because he wanted to work.

The same is true of an entrepreneur who made a video or a training program for potential buyers. He wants them to buy the product. However, most people do not think voice unless someone gives them a certain negative feedback. Why not? Because most people do not understand how your voice, or whether the stated purpose and if it encourages listeners to buy. They just talk. With the prevalence of online products and services, using his voice really makes a difference in the final result.
In previous blogs have recounted some of the basics of voice makes a big difference:

No off-piste at the end of your thinking, because it makes you look negative
That is the end of your words to speak more clearly,
The pitch of your voice to sound less boring and more interesting
Talk to breath support for your voice to be rich sound
Use correct grammar,
Do not use jargon or acronyms again
Speaking to 150 words per minute,
Speaking to the rhythm of rhythm and phrasing.
Even when the customer has written the text for video or film or presentation training, I'd say they feel uncomfortable and wood. I say they are more comfortable improvising. Why? Because they think it feel and look more natural.