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Like flying cars

Were invented over a hundred years from the time the aircraft, the people who worked on the invention of a "flying car." It is only now, when science and technology are reaching new heights, the dreams of the common man, a personal aircraft have plausible. One of the biggest events of this new reality is the seal of approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the series production of the vehicle air Terrafugia Transition personally. Therefore, to know exactly how this vehicle air staff at work, let's start with the basics.

Basics of flying cars
A flying car, as the name implies, is a vehicle that can fly through the air and used on the roads. I mean, obviously, you need the basic functions of a plan (such as propellers) and a car (such as road tires). It should be easy enough. In the air and strong enough to fly to move on the road As a flying car would end up in a position to go and you should be able to take the impact on the way and then move continuously without problems. It should work with additional safety features before they are released for public use installed.

Modern laboratory flying cars

Although frequently used "flying cars" and "street configuration aircraft" as synonyms, a small difference (which is easy to find) have. Flying cars are vehicles adapted to control aircraft while the aircraft is suitable configuration for road use on the road. Inventor of the first flying car has worked more on the adaptation of a car flying in the air as recent inventions of flying cars have been in the adaptation of an aircraft for paved roads.

Whatever the case, should a modern personal aircraft have the following properties changed (all described on basic concepts related):

These motors have to be strong enough to lift the vehicle in the air and at the same time to be able to deliver a controlled energy so as to move the vehicle on the road. The flying car is an additional engine when an engine failure in flight.

Aircraft Propeller
Since the vehicle is stolen, is a clear need to find propeller (blades and wings) on all devices. But how are you do not need wings (obviously) on the road, they must be easily removable or folding.

Land at your flying car on the ground, they must be presented with the main elements in the cockpit of a vertical level. It should be able to take the effects of the road and to be able to maintain the balance can be used on the road.

Needless to say, a flying car to be easy, but proper grounding have mobility. While on the road, a vehicle is more likely to be damaged, but light damage in an aircraft may be dangerous. Thus, the material used in a flying car to both lightweight and strong.

Road vehicle greater flexibility than airplanes. An aircraft must be a better aerodynamic design for flight. The conclusion? A flying car should be small enough to fit on the road, and large enough to fly. Requirements increase as the personal air vehicle should be parked in a garage at home!

When the oil crisis of the 90s would not have occurred, Ford Motors sold the first flying car (Aerocar Fulton) at this time. The point here is that the rise in fuel prices and reduced availability of fuel, a flying car that will be on green fuel, performed safely and inexpensively, for better success in the market.

Safety Features
The reason why manufacturers have invested heavily in trying to offer low-cost private jet has probably something to do with safety issues related to flight. Aircraft accidents Traffic accidents are more dangerous and deadly. So, if the inventor of a flying car is the mass market, it is safe. To do this, they need security features such as cages, airbags, parachutes and / or crumple zones, etc. (yes, still see the weight of his flying car!) Belong On a personal air vehicle.

Theft Assistance
Be a drivers. Not a part of each cake If this is the case, the drop-out rate of the pilot training in the U.S. is 50%. In addition, the high standards that want to produce from the FAA for each pilot's license and a major problem for companies that set personal aircraft. One way to avoid this is to make the vehicle completely controlled by computer. Then the owner needs in the code or destination address in a GPS put (or something similar) and personal air vehicle automatically to fly to your destination. Apart helps the air and controlling the airport also fly necessary for vehicles.

Since all the conditions for the implementation of a functional flying car sounds complicated and difficult, but not impossible. For those who still think that flying cars are a rage today, here is an idea: Horace Rackham (Henry Ford lawyer) was informed by the president of the Michigan Savings Bank, "The horse is here to stay, but the car is only a novelty, "a fad, to $ 5,000 if he wanted to invest in 'car company in 1901. As the "mood" more than $ 12 million by Horace history. the world, in all likelihood, will be flying cars in the air before the end of this decade.

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