Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Changing Seasons

There was a nip in the air this weekend as the season begins to change and, if we needed it, a timely article in this Sunday's Independent serves as a reminder of some of the things we can do to save energy over the autumn and winter. The ten suggestions from the Independent are summarised below with some comments and a few other suggestions of my own:

1. Small changes - with emphasis on energy saving lightbulbs: Incandescent light bulbs are no longer available for domestic use so we should all be using low energy bulbs now or in the near future.

2. Efficient heating - ensure your radiators are working effectively and aren't blocked by furniture. Upgrading your boiler is also suggested but this can be a significant financial investment. The savings from upgrading your boiler depend on how inefficient the old one was and there may be other more cost effective energy saving investments.

3. Keep the heat in - draught proofing, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and double glazing all help to keep in heat but are progressively more expensive and take longer to pay back the savings.  If you live in Glasgow you may qualify for free insulation through the Home Insulation Scheme, which is funded through the Scottish Government's Universal Home Insulation Scheme. Other schemes may operate where you live. STOP PRESS: Some links here to free insulation schemes for all, subject to conditions:, via @TheEcoExperts. Also see item 11 below for more.
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Sarles to Meet Riders?

UPDATE:  Apparently, due to a broken escalator at Rosslyn, the time for Sarles' visit is now 4.

Looks like the Wizard of Sarles reads this blog.

Metro employees tell me the aloof GM is actually, incredibly going to come out from his cave and get out there and rub elbows with the riders who pay his $350,000 salary.

Sources say the Metro honcho will be at Rosslyn later today.

He'll even hold court behind a special table, they say.

Odd thing is, Metro has reallocated manpower to scrub and polish the station for what one employee called "his highness' appearance."

Wish they'd do that for us riders.

"The custodians are scrubbing and mopping the floors,"said one source. "The back steps up to Ft. Myers Dr. were scrubbed spotless. They dropped off a couple scissor jacks today so they can change all the light bulbs in the station as well. I am sure they will have additional fare card techs, ATC techs, etc., around just in case. They are doing way more than needs to be done, and way less than deserves to be on a daily basis."

The GM lives in a bubble it would appear.

The source was not sure what time Sarles would make his first public appearance in some time, but added "someone needs to bust his balls about sh*t that actually matters."

As of print time, the best guess for Sarles' greeting of the unwashed was from noon-2 p.m.

Stand by for updates as they become available.

Like most Metro public meetings, Sarles' appearance comes at an inconvenient time for most riders.

What would you say to boss Sarles if you had the chance?

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