Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looks Bad

Update 1: A Metro source tells me "The wheels separated from a train between L'Enfant and Smithsonian on track 2."

Update 2: Hearing part of the brakes, a "friction ring" fell off.

Update 3: via @r0d3nt who is apparently on the crippled train "#wmata is accessing panels to open doors. Some doors are jammed and wont open, intercoms non-functional."

Update 4: From a Metro source: "Word just came in that a collector shoe separated from the train, but I am also hearing friction ring ... We can't tell ourselves the truth"

Update 5:

Via @WilliamsMichael @unsuckdcmetro the evacuation begins! pic.twitter.com/11Q6g3UO

Update 6: via @IAFF36 "*U/D: Orange line train lost an axle, #DCFD units assisting approx 350 to Smithsonian station, expect major delays on Orange line #wmata"

Update 7: via @Aaronthepriest "Off the metro and in a cab. No shuttles there and @wmata made us pay exit fare!!!! @unsuckdcmetro @wmata is going to owe me my cab fare"

Update 8: More than 2 hours later and people are still on the train!

via @somethngfab

Update 9: Back to reports that it was a friction ring (part of the brake) that fell off. Wonder if we'll ever know what really happened.

Update 10: Another view of the evacuation via @Somethngfab

Update 11: Metro says they're doing track inspections, which is the final step before restoring third rail power.

Update 12: Trains are moving again albeit with single tracking

Update 13: Metro will hold a press conference at 3.

Update 14: From a very reliable Metro source "A brake disk (200lbs) broke free. Hit train behind it. The disk more than likely broke free and damaged that train but then looks like it possibly did damage to the train behind. There are either 8 or 12 bolts that hold the disk on. The bolts must have sheared off. Possibly inferior bolts from low bid contractor."


Happy Holidays

Via @AROvertonClose Doesn't Santa Clause have a better method of transportation than the Metrobus? #WMATA @unsuckdcmetro pic.twitter.com/w14Zct91

Via @Silvio_Marcacci30 This totally makes up for months of broken escalators at the Union Station metro @unsuckdcmetro twitpic.com/7m58q0

Via @donnaindc1 Love the spirit of this @wmata station manager :) #metro #dc Happy holidays from Washington, DC! {12.01} #decindc11pic.twitter.com/PZj32abS

Via @Kasie_Carr2 Could this be possible? Holiday cheer on the metro? #wmata@unsuckdcmetro pic.twitter.com/oiZAqBfa

via @KyleKunklerClose 'Tis the Season twitpic.com/7sjiln #wmata

Via @jillcashenClose I love the Farragut West metro station manager's holiday spirit (and tinsel, lights, music) #dcwamta yfrog.com/nxya6fpj

via @grafxnerd We were serenaded with Christmas tunes by a gentleman on the metro this morning. flickr.com/photos/grafxne… #wmata #dcmetro #christmasspirit

See you in 2012 barring a huge Metro clusterf*ck.

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