Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh, Metro!

New "Rush Plus" Map

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From an email Sarles sent to employees:

As many of you prepare to roll out our Rush Plus rail enhancements, I want to make sure everyone begins to learn about the coming service improvements.

Rush Plus, the new rush hour service that begins June 18, is designed to ease crowding and improve the commuting experience for Metrorail riders on the Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow lines. By providing additional trains every rush hour, Rush Plus adds more seats for customers and more transfer-free rides. Additionally, Orange and Yellow Line trains will be serving more destinations.

Employees will be receiving more detailed information beginning next month that will enable you to help customers better navigate through the system. To assist in clearly communicating the changes, we have redesigned the iconic Metro system map, which will be shared with employees next week before its public release.

High Speed Metro

Holy smokes!

It takes only 10 minutes to get from East Falls Church to Cheverly?

At least that's what this chart, which hangs on the station manager's kiosk at East Falls Church, says.

Unfortunately, as with so much of what Metro says, it's not true. It's a typo.

But worse than that, a source says the signs were riddled with typos when they were wheeled out after the last fare hike. According to the source, Metro has replaced the signs all over the system "two or three times," trying to get all the errors fixed.

Alas, after all that money and manpower, mistakes remain.

Wonder if they'll be as careless with the next round of hikes, which will no doubt require printing a whole new batch(es).

If Metro is this inept with the easy stuff, how are they are with the difficult stuff?